Fertility Treatment: Know your Options and Find the Right Solution for your Needs

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. At Intermountain Health, our staff is committed to providing you with any necessary testing, counseling, and education you need to successfully achieve your desired outcome. Our doctors aren’t just experts in both diagnosis and treatment, they’re also focused on listening to and understanding your needs.


We understand the need for convenience when it comes to ongoing counseling and treatments, which is why we offer same-day appointments in our Women’s Health clinics.

Our Fertility Services Offered

Preconception Counseling

Your provider will gather information to help them understand your unique needs and form a care plan to help you during conception and pregnancy.

Genetic Testing

Infertility and some risks surrounding pregnancy may be genetic which is why we offer genetic testing to help reveal these conditions.

Ovulation Stimulation

When trouble conceiving is tied to ovulation issues, your doctor will assess whether hormonal therapy may be used to help stimulate ovulation.

Recurrent Miscarriage Evaluation

This emotionally trying time calls for an empathetic approach. Our team strives to evaluate the cause and provide education and treatment to avoid future miscarriages.


Successful Outcomes for Infertility Issues

For some couples or individuals infertility can be the main issue when it comes to trying to start a family. At Intermountain Health our team of providers will help guide you. Schedule a visit with one of our Women’s Health Clinics today to get started on your family planning journey.

Part of being well is being heard.