Why It’s Time to #GetTheVax

Whether it’s your first shot, second shot, or a booster, when you get vaccinated you’re protecting yourself and southern Nevada’s future.


As of November 2021, according to Nevada Health Response, only a little over 50% of Nevada’s eligible population is vaccinated for COVID-19. This number is much too low, especially with winter coming. To compare it with past pandemics, let’s consider the following statistics provided by the World Health Organization: a 95% vaccination rate was needed to put a stop to measles, and a rate of 80% was required to eradicate polio in the US. Both were major epidemics that were able to be controlled due to a high rate of vaccination.

The picture is clear. For us to successfully combat COVID-19, we need to get our vaccination rate way up.

What can we do?

If you’re not vaccinated yet, reach out to your provider or schedule an appointment with your pharmacy. Vaccinations are proven to be safe and effective. Unlike in the past when you needed an appointment in advance, many places now take walk-in appointments, and all COVID vaccines are free. Currently, Intermountain Health is offering the Moderna vaccine at specific clinics. Call your primary care clinic for more information. You can also check for clinic locations on the Southern Nevada Health District’s website here, or at Immunize Nevada here.

If you are already vaccinated, congratulations! You’re directly helping yourself and your community become safer. However, while it may feel good to be vaccinated, to feel that you’ve done your part, it’s really only half the battle. As mentioned before, only about 50% of the population is vaccinated, so we need to encourage those around us to get vaccinated too. You’ll also want to make an appointment to get your COVID-19 booster, even if you’ve already received the COVID-19 vaccine.

How to address the unvaccinated

Many of us may know people who are hesitant to get the vaccine, or who may be led astray by misinformation online. A simple conversation may be all it takes to turn them around and to save lives. If you’re vaccinated, you can start by telling them your vaccination story. For some, knowing that a friend got vaccinated safely might be enough. If you’re not yet vaccinated, you can make plans to go together. Encourage your unvaccinated family members and friends to join you and get the vaccine together.

Others may need more than a personal story to be convinced but know that you don’t need to do it alone. Here are some links containing the facts to help back you up:

For information on what’s in the vaccine, as well as many talking points to dispel vaccine myths, see Immunize Nevada. For an honest assessment for what is actually known and unknown about COVID-19, see this CDC page.

Why we should act now

Currently, the more contagious Delta variant is causing cases to rise across the US and here in Clark County. Hospitals have continued to be overwhelmed by COVID surges, which causes healthcare delays for everyone. Some people may even have to reschedule important surgeries that can save their life. Las Vegas’ tourism economy alone suffered a 34 billion dollar drop in revenue, along with more than 125,000 jobs lost. Getting more people vaccinated will help lower the number of hospitalizations and deaths and get our economy back on track.

While COVID-19 variants may be endemic, the higher the number of vaccinations, the quicker we can say goodbye to masks and social distancing. The sooner we #GetTheVax, the sooner we can go back to our normal lives. If you’re tired of this new normal and ready to return to pre-pandemic life, get vaccinated, continue to receive boosters, and make certain everyone you know who is eligible is vaccinated as well.

*This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis from a physician or qualified healthcare professional.

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