Clinical Trials


Clinical Trials

Committed to the advancement of medical research

Intermountain Health, Clinical Research is a multi-specialty research organization that conducts clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With clinical research sites throughout our office locations, select patients are eligible to enroll in clinical research studies to test new investigational products and approved medications for new treatments. All studies are conducted by a group of medically trained staff, including doctors and nurses, who monitor participant safety during every step of the trial.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are conducted to test the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices before they obtain market approval by regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Clinical trials are conducted only after satisfactory information has been gathered on quality and safety and only after review by an independent review board.

Why participate?

By participating, you are helping researchers obtain valuable information about new and more effective treatments for many health conditions. Participants are essential in the pursuit of life-enhancing discoveries, and your participation could help change the future of medicine and improve the quality of life for future generations.

Who can participate?

Clinical research isn’t limited to a single condition or type of individual. We conduct studies that require the enrollment of many different individuals, including healthy volunteers and those with chronic diseases.

Who are you currently recruiting?

The conditions we’re studying are constantly changing. Though cardiology is a current focus, we are always considering new studies, so please contact us regardless of whether you may qualify. Even if there isn’t a clinical trial you qualify for available immediately, we will consider you for future studies with your permission.

Interested in participating in a clinical trial?

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