What is the COPD Program?

The COPD program is a specialty service for myGeneration Senior Clinic patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The program provides comprehensive treatment and disease education so you can live your best life while managing your condition.


  • COPD evaluation & treatment plan
  • Education to help you manage your condition at home
  • Tips & tricks to use your medications
  • Personalized support & symptom monitoring
  • Care coordination during and after hospitalization

How does the COPD Clinic Program work?

Team approach

A pulmonologist will perform a COPD evaluation and develop a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle, goals, and priorities. A respiratory therapist (RT) will help you understand your COPD medications, including inhalers and nebulizers. The RT and pulmonologist will be available to help you if your symptoms increase. Registered nurses and social workers may be added to your team to provide additional education and information about community resources.

Treatment options

Your COPD team will keep in touch with you to provide ongoing support and care. The pulmonologist may suggest additional services, including in-home symptom monitoring.

Coordinated care

Your COPD team and primary care provider (PCP) will coordinate your care plan and monitor your progress every step of the way. If you are hospitalized for COPD, the COPD team, hospital team, and your PCP will work together to help you recover.

The COPD Program is available by referral for myGeneration Clinic patients with a Medicare Advantage plan. For more information, talk to your primary care provider or care manager.

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