Complete senior care coordination, focused on you.

At myGeneration Clinics, your primary care provider (PCP) takes the time to get to know you and understand your unique health concerns and goals, so you’re not only seen – you’re heard. Armed with a holistic view of your health, your PCP recruits other specialists as needed to assemble your personalized care team, and everyone works together to help you achieve your healthiest life possible.

On-staff specialists have real-time access to your Intermountain medical records to ensure that your customized treatment plans support your primary wellness plan. And for any health needs that fall outside of our service lineup, you have access to an extended network of over 1,500 specialty providers throughout Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Mesquite.

Few things are as important as a healthy heart. Our award-winning cardiology team is committed to providing you with the expert care and guidance you need for long-lasting heart health. We are continuously working to provide more advanced and affordable treatment options.

The well-being of your endocrine system plays a crucial role in your overall health. Our skilled endocrinologists work closely with you to treat existing conditions, identify developing care needs, and provide health education and support so you feel empowered to achieve - and maintain - a healthy lifestyle.

Turn to our award-winning hematology & oncology specialists for compassionate care supported by cutting-edge medical advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and cancers. On-site labs and PET/CT imaging ensure prompt diagnosis or adjustment to your treatments, and dedicated registered nurses and financial counselors are at the ready to support you and your family every step of the way.

When you need quick care for non-emergency situations, InstaCare is a great first stop. Our InstaCare staff can assist you with a range of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses — without an expensive and time-consuming trip to the emergency room. Plus, myGeneration patients qualify for priority appointments for urgent needs.

Our house calls program is designed for myGeneration patients who are homebound and in need of ongoing medical care but are unable to visit our offices. The house calls team, led by your primary care provider, will continue your customized care plan from the comfort of your home until you are healthy enough to return to the clinic for regular visits.

Sometimes you just need a little more help managing your health. This is where the care management team shines. Care managers work as an extension of your primary care team to assess your condition, plan for current and future medical needs, coordinate your care, and connect you to community resources for medical, behavioral, and social services, all with the goal of improving your well-being and quality of life.

Mental health is a fundamental aspect of your well-being that deserves attention and care just as much as your physical body. The goal of integrating behavioral health services with your primary care is to help prioritize and heal this core component of your being so you can focus on living your healthiest life.

Our Intermountain hospitalists bring the personalized, professional medical care you know and trust to a hospital near you. If you are hospitalized, a provider on our hospitalist team will oversee your care during your stay, communicating with your primary care team and specialists every step of the way to ensure you get the care you need to return home safely.


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