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New To The Neighborhood?

Moving may have an impact on your healthcare — and your Medicare Advantage plan, too.

New To The Neighborhood?

Moving may have an impact on your healthcare — and your Medicare Advantage plan, too.

If you’ve recently relocated to southern Nevada, it may be time to move your Medicare plan, too.

We’d like to be among the first to say: “Welcome to southern Nevada!” And, as you settle into your new home, to make sure you’re aware that moving may trigger a Special Enrollment Period, allowing you to make changes to your plan outside of the Annual Enrollment Period. This can be important, and convenient. Especially if you’re considering new doctors, healthcare providers and clinics located close to your new neighborhood.

How do I know if I can keep my plan?

Depending on your insurer, your Medicare Advantage plan may not follow you to a new city, county or state. If you’re planning a move, it’s important to consult your insurance company before you relocate to check whether your new location entitles you to reassess your coverage options.

When can I select a new plan?

If your move changes your eligibility for your current plan, you’ll have a three-month window when you can change plans. This period kicks off one month prior to your move and ends two months after you move. If you need help reenrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, or establishing your first-time Medicare Advantage coverage, we can connect you with licensed insurance agents here in southern Nevada who can help you understand your options.

Have other questions?

We’re here to guide you through Medicare changes and the enrollment process so you can feel confident in your current healthcare options. Talk to an Intermountain Health team member today by calling 702-623-0183 (TTY: 711).

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