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Everyone needs a little help with Medicare

Here’s how you can connect with accurate, timely information.

Everyone needs a little help with Medicare

Here’s how you can connect with accurate, timely information.

Welcome to our Medicare Helpline!

We are dedicated to providing our patients on Medicare with the best possible care. Although we are not an insurance company, we work closely with our area’s leading Medicare Advantage plans.

We’re here to help you get convenient access to a licensed insurance agent here in southern Nevada to help guide you in selecting a Medicare plan that meets your needs.

Join us for an upcoming Medicare Helpline in partnership with KSNV News 3

The Medicare Helpline is staffed by a team of experts dedicated to helping seniors and caregivers better understand healthcare coverage options.

At these events, you’ll be able to speak with Nevada-licensed insurance agents who can explain the complexities of Medicare in a simple and an easy-to-understand manner. We’ll help seniors and caregivers understand the ins and outs of everything Medicare—from the basics, enrollment periods and coverage options, to the many benefits that come with all-in-one Medicare Advantage plans.

Upcoming events:

  • 2022 dates coming soon!

During the times above, KSNV News 3 will provide a phone number to connect with a licensed insurance agent and learn about your Medicare options. In the meantime, please call us at 702-852-9000 and we would be happy to help provide additional information and answer your questions.

Who can qualify to enroll?

On other pages in this website, you’ll find overviews of eligibility and Medicare Enrollment. There are also special enrollment opportunities that occur throughout the year. This could include turning 65 (or aging into Medicare, moving into the area, losing your health plan coverage due to unemployment after age 65 or being diagnosed with a chronic condition.

Find out more, if any of the following apply to you …

Turning 65
Whether you’re ready to retire or still on the job, it’s time to explore your Medicare options.

Learn More >>

Recently Relocated

A recent move, even from a different county, may mean you need to change your Medicare Advantage plan.

Learn More >>

Have Chronic Conditions

You may be eligible for a Medicare Chronic Condition Special Needs Plan.

Learn More >>

What is your deadline?

Each special enrollment situation has a different window of opportunity, so deadlines will vary. We urge you to connect with a licensed insurance agent to determine your deadline.

If you, or someone you know, is 65 or older and has questions about their health plan and Medicare, please feel free to call us at 702-872-2875 (TTY: 711). We can connect you with trusted, licensed agents here in the southern Nevada area who specialize in helping area residents understand their Medicare options.

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