Coffee with a Doc: Dr. Roy Perlot

Our new Blue Diamond myGeneration Senior Clinic opened on May 26, 2020, and if you’ve visited there, chances are you’ve met Dr. Roy Perlot. The Blue Diamond clinic is located in an area with very few healthcare facilities, and Dr. Perlot is proud that Intermountain Healthcare is serving the growing needs of Medicare Advantage patients in the surrounding community.

Coffee with a Doc: Dr. Roy Perlot

The decision to go into medicine

Dr. Perlot started his college career as a Bioengineering major, but during his first semester he felt drawn to medicine, so he changed his major to pre-med and took a new direction in life. He went on to medical school at the University of Illinois in Chicago. There he received training in many different fields, including general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, and dermatology. He completed his residency at University of Southern California Medical Center.

Next stop: Las Vegas!

Growing weary of LA traffic, Dr. Perlot looked around for a smaller city in which to live and practice, and decided on Las Vegas. Today Dr. Perlot says he enjoys living here because for a city its size, Las Vegas offers most of the amenities of a large city. He also admires the independent spirit of the community and residents’ ability to unite during times of crisis.

When he’s not practicing medicine, Dr. Perlot enjoys an active lifestyle, including mountain biking, weight training, gardening, and exploring many of Las Vegas’ “hole in the wall” eateries.

Meeting the challenges of a pandemic

Dr. Perlot says he sees more and more patients taking precautions like wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and hand sanitizing, which he thinks are smart ways to guard against the virus. He also sees a rise in virtual appointments and telemedicine, an area he practices in and which he believes will continue to grow in popularity. So far, this portion of his practice is running smoothly, and he sees patients becoming more familiar with their smartphones because of it.

The myGeneration advantage

So what sets our myGeneration Senior Clinics apart? They offer a unique concierge style of primary care designed to serve Medicare Advantage patients. All new patients can book an appointment inside of two weeks, and current patients can see a provider within two days, with same-day access available for urgent needs. Average appointments are scheduled for a full 30 minutes, which means you get more time with your doctor to discuss all of your healthcare needs and answer your questions.

Plus, myGeneration Senior Clinics give you access to a dedicated referral team of onsite care managers and navigators. Onsite lab draws are available at specific locations to make sure all your healthcare needs are covered in one place. And with 30 myGeneration Senior Clinics located throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump, Boulder City, and Mesquite, chances are there’s one in your neighborhood.

Call 702-852-9000 to see if Dr. Perlot is in your network or to learn more about myGeneration Senior Clinics.

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