Patient Information


Patient Information

We thank you for choosing us as your partner in health. Our mission is helping people live the healthiest lives possible. We do this by offering you a variety of ways to access care, conveniently, when you need it most.

Enjoy extended support with our Patient Services Center.

Located in Las Vegas, our Patient Services Center is staffed by Intermountain Health representatives. When you call your clinic phone number during normal business hours, you’ll be greeted by a representative who can:

  • Update your referrals or request a call back from a member of your care team
  • Schedule, reschedule or cancel your appointments
  • Check on the status of your referrals
  • Provide lab results if your provider has already reviewed them

Make a payment through our secure payment system

Additional resources available for you.

Below are links to information on various services and resources to assist you in accessing the care you need.