Preventative Disease


Preventative Disease

Our mission is keeping you well

Intermountain Health prides itself on a Coordinated Care Model designed to promote lifelong wellness and minimize hospital and emergency care visits.

We take a total approach to your health, meaning our vast network of primary care and specialty providers work together and share a unified medical philosophy to ensure you receive comprehensive, compassionate care — without the hassle of long referral processing times, record transfers, and disparate medical instructions.

The Preventative Healthcare Advantage


Primary Care Provider of Choice

We offer one of the largest networks of primary care providers in Nevada and encourage our patients to take their time choosing a doctor they feel they can truly trust and connect with.

Quality Care Right When You Need It

No long waits for appointments. No being rushed out the door after your consultation. Our provider teams are here to give you the time and attention you deserve.

Screenings, Immunizations, and Medicine

Our providers make certain the correct screenings, immunizations, medicines, and health education are completed to maximize your health — often directly on-site at our offices.

Access to Our Vast Provider Network

As an Intermountain Health patient, you gain instant access to one of the largest independent provider networks in Las Vegas including:

  • All area hospitals
  • Post-acute facilities and skilled nursing facilities
  • Over 1,500 specialist and ancillary providers

Providers That Listen

Our high-quality providers are carefully selected and trained to put patient needs first. We always encourage our patients to reach out to us with any comments on how we can further improve our services. Contact us today if you have feedback or would like to share a recent experience with us.

 Truly Coordinated Care

Our Coordinated Care Model ensures that your provider team, nurses, and specialists are all aligned on your medical history and healthcare goals, saving you time and money.

Let us show you what a difference quality preventative care can make.

Part of being well is being heard.