Southern Nevada Community Health Needs Assessment


Southern Nevada Community Health Needs Assessment

Intermountain Health conducted its first Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report for southern Nevada, providing extensive details about local health status, needs, and assets that allow the not-for-profit health system to inform and identify key local area health priorities. For the assessment, Intermountain Health engaged organizations representing a broad range of interests in the southern Nevada community. Participants gave in-depth interviews to share their perspectives on health needs to help prioritize Intermountain Health’s work to collaborate with others in improving community health.

View the report for southern Nevada

Intermountain Health conducts CHNA and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) for hospitals in Utah, southeast Idaho, Montana, and Colorado – and now also for its facilities in southern Nevada. Intermountain Health makes results of the CHNAs publicly available.

  • The CHNA is a systematic process completed every three years that evaluates the health needs and assets in a community. This leads to identifying priority areas that direct community benefit investments.
  • A CHIP is a written implementation strategy describing how the health system will address the community health needs identified in the CHNA. Intermountain Health and community stakeholders work together to implement interventions designed to improve health outcomes.

Please visit this website to learn more about Intermountain Health’s CHNA reports and CHIPs.

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