New Facility Providing the Same High-Quality Cardiology Care

Intermountain Health’s new Alta Cardiology Clinic, located at Alta and Hualapai in Las Vegas, is now open, giving our providers the best tools to help give patients the highest level of care. Its intent is to be a one-stop shop for all cardiology patients, including echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart), electrocardiogram, (checks the electricity of the heart), and stress testing.

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There is also a lab that allows providers the ability to perform angiograms, cardiac catheterization, procedures, basic implants of pacemakers as well and even consider we can implant these little microchips in the lungs that can help monitor a patient’s fluid levels.

“It makes it more convenient for the patients, and it’s a smaller setting where we can really focus on patient care and quality care,” cardiologist Dr. Corey Lum said. “It’s fantastic for patients who come see their provider, get all their testing done, and even therapeutic procedures done as well, too at one place.”

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. One person dies every 36 seconds from a cardiovascular diseases and account for 1 in 4 deaths in the United States.

Patients should be aware not only of their own health but also of their family’s heart history and risks. They should talk with the primary care provider about these topics to create the best preventive care possible.

Patients should know their ranges in the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Total cholesterol level
  • HDL cholesterol level

Dr. Lum added that the best way to avoid future cardiovascular issues is to take measures to keep the heart and blood vessels healthy.

“Some people only want to see us when they have heart disease,” Dr. Lum said. “But it’s good to see a cardiologist before you develop heart disease to help make sure you’re at the lowest risk possible.”

Dr. Lum encourages having a heart healthy diet, which means eating foods that are low in fat content, cholesterol, and sodium.

“Those are some of the big things we stress here at Intermountain Health to help keep your heart nice and healthy,” Dr. Lum said.

Other things to consider when trying to maintain good heart health: be more physically active, quit smoking, find healthy ways to cope with stress, or get prescribed medicines that can help control your blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol.

Intermountain Health, has a dedicated staff of cardiologists and heart experts to ensure we provide the best care for patients, enabling them to live their healthiest lives possible.

“We treat common disorders like coronary artery disease or heart artery blockages, abnormal heart rhythms,” Lum said. “In my specialty (advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology), I treat a weak heart or congestive heart failure.”

If you think you might need cardiology services, talk with your primary care provider about a referral to the new Alta Cardiology Clinic, located at 10040 Alta Drive, Suite 350, Las Vegas NV 89145, or another one of our cardiology clinics. Learn more about cardiology by visiting for a list of clinics near you.

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