Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement? One Has More Advantages

You have three healthcare coverage options when you reach retirement age. First, there’s Original Medicare only (Part A and Part B), also known as health insurance from the federal government. Second, a Medicare Supplement plan that does what it says — provides supplemental coverage for Original Medicare. And the increasingly popular Medicare Advantage (Part C), which is an all-in-one, private insurance solution offering affordable monthly premiums. So how do you decide? Let’s compare your options.



Original Medicare: health insurance from the federal government.

Original Medicare is comprised of Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical). For most people, Part A has no charge, but there are monthly costs for Part B ($144.60 standard premium; higher depending on income) and that’s a requirement for as long as you’re enrolled. A good option for millions of people age 65+, Original Medicare pays for about 80% of covered medical expenses. Who pays the rest? You, and that’s the downside. It has costly deductibles and coinsurance — if you’re ever hospitalized, you could owe thousands! Also not covered are prescription drugs, most dental care, eye and hearing exams. In addition, there’s no annual maximum on out-of-pocket costs. Visit for more details.


Medicare Supplement: helps fill coverage gaps but doesn’t include Rx.

A Medicare Supplement is another coverage option that millions of people prefer. Why? Well, it offers the freedom to use any provider who accepts Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans also help fill the gaps found in Original Medicare, but generally don’t offer as many benefits as a Medicare Advantage plan — which often includes dental and vision care coverage, plus allowances for hearing aids and eyeglasses. A big downside is that prescription drug benefits are NOT included — so you’ll need a separate prescription drug plan for an additional monthly cost. And Medicare Supplements have no annual maximum on out-of-pocket costs, and typically have higher monthly premiums than Medicare Advantage plans. Visit for more details.


Medicare Advantage: the all-in-one choice of over 24 million Americans.1

Why it may be the right choice for you? Two reasons: convenience and savings. A Medicare Advantage option provides comprehensive coverage in one easy-to-use plan, including benefits for medical, hospital and prescription drugs. Many plans also help pay for dental, vision and hearing care, as well as fitness programs. With a Medicare Advantage plan, you also get emergency coverage when you travel outside Nevada.

Medicare Advantage plans are also known for having cost-saving features, including low to no monthly premiums.1 Low copays for doctor visits, prescription drugs and urgent care. Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles — which every Medicare beneficiary is responsible for — are typically covered in full, saving up to $1,606 a year.2 Most importantly, Medicare Advantage plans have an out-of-pocket maximum, which caps what you pay out of pocket every year.

In Southern Nevada, another benefit for people enrolled in certain Medicare Advantage plans is that they get to experience our myGeneration Senior Clinics with care teams specializing in every aspect of their healthcare.


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1Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

2Annual coverage/savings based on combined cost of 2020 Medicare Part A deductible ($1,408) and Medicare Part B deductible ($198).

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